Why Ads on This Site

Running a website isn’t free. There are various costs involved. The two biggest ones for this website are hosting and the annual domain renewal. To help cover the expenses for this site, I allow Google to run ads on it. Following is a breakdown.

Website Expenses:

  • $8.49 per year for the domain name AdoptAMustang.com
  • $95.94 per year for hosting. (I run HelpfulHorseHints.com and this site off of the same account so the expense is split)

There are other miscellaneous monthly expenses I didn’t include here because I use them mainly for my other sites. These include subscriptions for email newsletter program, social media posting programs and image design programs.

Total Expenses: $104.43

Website Income:

This website uses Google Ads to earn income. We all see ads everywhere and mostly learn to ignore them.

The way Adsense works is it displays ads to you based on your browsing history. If you click on an ad displayed on my site, whether or not you buy anything, I receive a small amount of compensation. It does not affect the price you pay.

Please don’t click on ads to try to help me or anything like that. You should ONLY click on ads you are actually interested in. That is the whole point of ads, to show you something you might be interested in but maybe didn’t know existed.

Total 2018 Adsense Income: $104.43

2018 Ad Revenue Report from Google Adsense

The Google Ads on this site help pay for these items but don’t completely cover the cost.

I also have some mustang specific products in my Etsy shop. Any revenue they provide this year will be added to the income report next year as well. Typically, extra income from my blogs is reinvested back into them. That is how I was able to pay a programmer to do the Mustang Brand Generator on my other site.

I’d love to make a profit off of my blogs, that has yet to happen, but I love educating and I love writing so I’m OK with it either way.


I work a full-time 50-60 hour per week position in addition to running a few other blogs. Mustangs are absolutely a passion of mine. I try to put in at least 20 hours per month into this site but I’ll be honest, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Showcase posts are easy for me but I really try hard to make sure articles are very informative for you guys.

I also accept article submissions. Is your organization or company doing something awesome and mustang related? Write at least a 600 word article on it and I’d be happy to publish the article and author bio.

Does your BLM Mustang or Burro have an awesome story you want to tell? Did you overcome a challenge you think would inspire others? Write it out. Send me some pictures! I’ll get it posted.

The goal of this site is to promote the adoption of mustangs and burros. It would be nice if it covered its own costs, sure, but the goal is to have a resource available to adopters and potential adopters where they don’t have to search through pages and pages of Facebook posts for the information they need.

Have any questions or comments? Send me an email. I try to be pretty transparent: lairicllc at gmail.com