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The images of this horse were contributed by a past or current owner/adopter for addition to our HMA showcase.

Name: Rochambeau “Robo”

Gather Date: December 2011

HMA: Warm Spring, NV

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Adopted: 2015

Adopted From: Canon City, CO

Notes: Rochambeau “Robo” was gather in December 2011 from Warm Spring Canyon HMA in Nevada as a two year old. I adopted him in 2015 from Canon City, CO holding facility where he was halter broke by the prison program. He has been very easy to train, has a relatively calm demeqnor, and great movement. Most people that don’t see his brand assume that he’s a quarter horse. He’s currently my trail horse, but we are working on reining and western dressage.

Contributed by: Leigh C.

Contributed on: 02/26/2017

Warm Springs NV Gelding

Contributed by L. Cooper on 2/26/2017