Sand Springs East HMA Mare

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Sand Springs East MareThe images of this horse were contributed by a past or current owner/adopter for addition to our HMA showcase.

Name: not given

YOB: 2005

Gather Date: January 18, 2006

HMA: Sand Springs East, NV

Adopted: April 22, 2006

Adopted From: not given

Titled: June 5, 2007

Notes: not given

Contributed by: Miki P.

Contributed on: 03/03/2017

2005 Sand Springs East HMA Mare


April Lee

As a former TIP Trainer I trained and placed over 100 animals for the BLM. I've been a horse owner since 1997 and particularly love gentling mustangs. I currently live in Topanga, CA and own one mustang mare, Malibu, from Granite Range.

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