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Natural Horsemanship

by Pat Parelli

As a little girl with her first horse and no clue, this book helped me immensely with setting goals for how my horse should behave on the ground. There are a lot of people who love Parelli, and similiarly a lot that don’t. Regardless, this is a good book with good information and most useful for the person who is new to horses. Experienced horse owners might find the book interesting as well but probably won’t have as much value as for new horse owners.

Jumps, etc.

by Lisa Campbell

Great DIY book for building jumps, cavaletti, dressage markers mounting blocks, saddles stands etc. Not a comprehensive book on any of the above but enough projects to get your garage smelling like wood again!

Bombproof Your Horse

by Rick Pelicano

Lots of great ideas and techniques for desensitizing your horse to a variety of different objects. Lots of good ideas for obstacles. Once you learn the basics of “bombproofing” Pinterest will soon be your go-to to get more obstacle ideas but this is a good start to get those creative juices flowing.

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