The images of this horse were contributed by a past or current owner/adopter for addition to our HMA showcase. Unless specifically stated, this horse is NOT for adoption or sale. The HMA showcase is just to show examples of animals that come from this area. 

Journey - BLM Mare - Born at Pauls Valley

Name: Journey

YOB: 2015

HMA: Born In Holding, OK

Height: Not Given.


She is  3 year old mustang born in the holding pen in Oklahoma.  As a yearling, she was picked by a young girl in Texas and competed in the in hand classes at some competition.   They auctioned her and another girl purchased her and I got her a 2 year old.

She is very smart.  I have mostly trail ridden her and decided to take her to a barrel race. That particular race had about 400 entries. I am not a barrel racer and had no idea had big the event was. It was a fair going on as well as well as a live band at the fair.  It was loud.

Journey was perfect. I just trotted as I am just putting long, slow miles on her , trying to give her experiences.  I adore her and by far she is one of the smartest horses that I have ever owned.

Contributed by: Robyn T.

Contributed on: 07/22/2018